Gallery & Exhibits

Penny MacNaughton

The Penny MacNaughton Gallery is dedicated to of one of our co-founders whose commitment to the arts and community of Sonoma continues at Art Escape.

Our Gallery exhibits artwork made by our students, instructors and professional & emerging artists.

Our exhibits change approximately every six weeks and the space is available for personal and professional events.


Gallery admission is free to the public.


Current Exhibition

Great Egret, by Diane Askew

Great Egret, by Diane Askew

"Springs Creatives"

August 19th through October 2nd
Gallery hours are Mon-Fri, from 1-5pm.

Local artists have come together to share their style and inspiration.


Open Reception: Sunday August 19th, 12-4pm. Free!

Join us in celebrating "The Magic of Art and Community", a community open house event for all ages!

Food, entertainment and activities for all ages!

Exhibiting Artists:

Dan Kuhn, Constantina, Michael Acker, Meyou, Barbara Jacobsen, Cathy Carr, Diane Askew, Emma Diaz, Jill Pressley, Lynette Lux Bourne, Susan Beer, Gianna Marino, Brian Shepard, Kathleen Truax, Sally Hanhy, Melinda Moore, Sean Elizabeth Lemert, Shotsie Gorman, Kristine Gorman, Kendra Rimbach, Brett Hammond, Jonqui Albin, Cole Gorman, Justine Filipello, Lisa Rani, Thena Trygstad, Kate Ortolano, Samuel Pieper, Susan Heeringa-Pieper, Angela Savok, Kirk Hinshaw, Angela Casazza, Yessenia Anguiano

Upcoming Exhibition

"Rise from the Ashes"

October 13th through November 10th
Gallery hours are Mon-Fri, from 1-5pm.

One year after the devastating fires, artists are invited to come together in the spirit of community and healing.

Open Reception: Saturday October 13th, 5-7pm. Free!

Birdhouses created from the Sweet Home Sonoma free creativity sessions will be on display and exchanged with the community on Oct 13th for participants to build connections to a member in our community who also went through the 2017 wildfires.