I asked both kids (5.5 and 7 years) what their favorite part of camp was; they both said it was the friendships they were making. Everyday I'd pick up two happily exhausted kids. They would give me a recap of art lessons, nature, and cool things their teachers taught them. One thing in particular was their teacher, Elizabeth, teaching them how to say "elephant" in Thai. I believe it is "Cĥāng" said like "Chung" - it became a song at our house.

They made art inspired by nature, learned to dye fabric and watched kids older create art that inspired them. I was impressed at the work they both created the week at Art Escape.  We will cherish the memories made that week and are looking forward to next year. The kids have been telling friends and family how much they love Art Escape and their teachers. - Sincerely, Waylon, Evalyn, and Ashleigh (their Mom)

I learned in art camp that there is no mistake in art. And I also learned a lot of Thailand. It expanded my cultural view. summer camp student

I liked art camp because I'm able to make things that I'm proud to say I made. Something I learned about myself at this camp is if I'm not able to make something work the first time, if I keep trying I can make it happen. - summer camp student

My son and I greatly appreciate the camp. It helps by not only keeping him occupied...but the teachers also help to push his boundaries just a little bit each time he visits which helps make him a bit more creative each time. We have not been able to find any place like this in Sonoma anywhere...Thank you for accepting my son into your programs. - Deanna

I am so grateful for being able to meet you and the art teachers, I now have found my love for art once again; because I lost it for a while, not knowing it is a part of who I am. It felt good not trying to perfect everything that I do...I felt comfortable to be who I am at Art Escape. It is a safe environment where I feel wanted. - summer camp student

As a resident of the Boyes Hot Springs area of Sonoma for several years, I was surprised to just recently learn that this place existed! And super happy to stumble upon it... they have art classes of all types for all ages and skill levels... Art Escape is quite the gem here on this side of Sonoma, and everyone should take advantage of it! - Jennifer