About Us

Since 2012 we have offered: 801 Classes, workshops, and Camps; Serving 2,157 Adults and 7,062 Youth

Art Escape  was founded by five dynamic, creative and committed women artists: Janis Kobe, Gayle Manfre, Penny MacNaughton, Kate Ortolano and Thena Trygstad. Their goal – to create a welcoming venue for art teachers and students of the greater Sonoma area and to nurture and expand the importance of fine arts and crafts in enhancing our education and lives.

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Art Escape Provides

  • Art and craft classes, at low or no cost, in a supportive environment that encourages and expands creative expression.
  • A well-equipped space that artists may rent to hold classes, workshops and lectures.
  • Mentors and Teachers who encourage and support people of all ages to pursue careers in the fine arts.
  • A Mobile art truck used as an on-location art education studio, to bring art activities to all areas of the valley.

Art Escape programs: (for all ages!)

 • Classes and workshops • Demonstrations • Exhibitions • Guest artists • After school programs •

• Special events • Summer art camps • Student shows • Teaching apprenticeships •


Art Escape Offers Free:

  • Art projects for parents and children.
  • Weekly after-school art classes for elementary school students.
  • Matching students to artist mentors.
  • Advisors for high school Senior projects.
  • Assistant teaching experience.


Thank you for supporting Art Escape!  We appreciate everyone who has donated time, art supplies and who has given financial support.  

Special thanks goes to these donors:


  • I. Milo Shepard
  • Penny MacNaugton
  • Brian Shepard and Kate Ortolano
  • Vernon and George McKale
  • Darius Anderson
  • Megan Segre
  • Tim Rogers
  • Anne Ching
  • Andrew MacNaughton
  • Gillian MacNaughton
  • Mike and Mary Benziger
  • Catherine O'Neill
  • Ann Iverson
  • Jared and Velisa Pickard
  • Katherine and David Llodra
  • Lorraine A. Ashton

Corporate Donors


  • Sonoma Plein Air Foundation
  • Rose Marie Piper Foundation
  • Impact100
  • MacNaughton Family Foundation
  • Wine Country Weekend
  • Creative Sonoma - Summer Arts Youth
  • Creative Sonoma - Local Impact
  • Sonoma Community Foundation
  • Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
  • California Arts Council
  • Sonoma Valley Fund
  • SF Super Bowl 50 Legacy
  • Bothin Foundation
  • Gellert Foundation
  • Sonoma Community Foundation/Wine Country Weekend
  • Rotary of Sonoma Valley
  • Kiwanis of Oakmont
  • Valley of the Moon Art Association